Got Questions?


What is LyfLynks?

LyfLynks, a Limited Liability Corporation incorporated in Delaware in 2017, is the organization created to ease the stress and demands on family caregivers. We are committed to improving and simplifying the lives of those individuals and families, who like us, actively care for the welfare and support the quality of life of aging and challenged loved ones.

What is LYN?

LYN is our comprehensive human-enabled technology platform for family caregivers. Combining a mobile application, a team of qualified care advocates and a vast network of curated vendors, LYN is an essential tool our members rely upon to monitor, schedule and organize their caregiving efforts.

Is membership limited to only caregivers for the elderly?

Membership is limited to family caregivers and the care recipients associated with the Account.


How much does this service cost?

LyfLynks charges a monthly member account subscription fee of $39.95. This provides up to five family caregivers and a household of up to two care recipients access to LyfLynks services and the LYN caregiver platform. Each additional family caregiver and care recipient may be added to the account for an additional monthly fee of $5. Any additional services or products ordered through LYN, for example transportation, are pre-approved by the member and billed to the member's credit card.

Are there different membership levels?

Currently LyfLynks offers only one membership level. You will be notified when additional levels are available in your area.

What does membership include?

Your membership includes full access and user rights to the LYN mobile application, access to our 24/7 Member Care Center and use of our proprietary service network. We are dedicated to making your life simpler and helping you to organize and respond to the needs of your loved ones.

How do I cancel my membership?

The Primary Caregiver may cancel the member subscription. The Primary Caregiver may notify LyfLynks of his or her intention to cancel the member subscription at any time. Account cancellations are effective on the last day of the calendar month in which LyfLynks has been notified of the cancellation via the Account Settings section of the mobile application or via direct contact to the Member Care Center.

How long is my membership?  Is there a minimum membership period?

There are no long-term commitments to LyfLynks membership. You may cancel at any time and cancellation will take effect on the last day of the month in which you notified us of your desire to cancel membership.

How do I enroll?

Enrolling in LYN is easy. Search on "LYN by LyfLynks" in the Apple Store or the Google Play store, download the LYN app, and click on the "Sign Up Now" button at the bottom of the screen. LYN will guide you through the enrollment process, which includes providing information about you and your loved one, reviewing and acknowledging our Terms of Service, securely entering credit card information, and inviting other family members to join the account. Once the enrollment process is complete, you are ready to access services through LYN.


Is my information and activity shared with anyone?

Lyflynks, Inc. is committed to protecting and respecting Members' privacy. We take this very seriously and have established a “Privacy Policy”. This Privacy Policy describes what kind of data we may collect, how we collect it, how we use it, with whom we may share it, and what rights you have concerning your information. We are happy to provide you with this policy at your request.

What information can a Member view on my account?

Any Member on the account may invite additional members. All Member have full access to the information contained on the LYN mobile application associated with the Account. However, alerts sent to and from the Member Care Center may at the option of the Member Advocate be restricted to specific members.

Member Care Center

What is the Member Care Center?

The LyfLynks Member Care Center is our contact center staffed by qualified care advisors employed by LyfLynks, who we refer to as Member Care Representatives.

How can I contact LyfLynks if I lose my phone?

LyfLynks may be contacted 24/7 by calling 888-769-5870 or emailing

What are the hours of operation for the Member Care Center?

The Member Care Center is available 10:00AM to 10:00PM ET Monday through Friday and 10:00AM to 4:00PM ET on Saturdays and Sundays. We anticipate moving to 24/7 service in the near future.


What services does LYN offer?

The LYN app provides you with the ability to request transportation, arrange for medical appointments, order companion services, and schedule a check-in with the elder. We are here to help. Our “Ask LYN” concierge feature allows you to obtain almost any other service your loved one may require to remain safe and secure in their home, including home repairs or financial services.

How does LyfLynks qualify vendors on their network?

LyfLynks actively curates vendors it makes available to members by validating the accuracy of information they provide to us such as: number of years in business, insurance, employment policies, better business ratings, professional status, etc. Furthermore, as LyfLynks expands we believe peer-reviews and Member quality performance ratings will be available to Members to better ensure the quality of services provided by these 3rd party vendors.

Does LyfLynks guarantee the quality of service provided by its vendors?

No. We cannot warrant or guarantee the quality of services provided by vendors within our network. However, it is in our best interest to make every effort in ensuring the Member's satisfaction and fairness with our vendors.

Can I pay for vendor services directly?

You have the option of paying vendors directly for all services other than transportation. However, payment via your LyfLynks account enables us to more closely monitor the delivery of services and your transactions help LyfLynks drive and control quality compliance for all Members.

We use a service provider that we like, can we suggest adding them to the LYN platform?

We’re happy to receive suggestion for additional vendors information providers. If you would like to recommend a vendor, please submit this information using the “Ask LYN" feature in the app, or by calling our Member Care Center.

What if I have problem with a service coordinated through Lyflynks?

LyfLynks will assist in any dispute resolutions necessary with vendors place in our network. We will make every effort to ensure your reasonable satisfaction.

Who is your Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provider?

LyfLynks has partnered with ADT, the leader in smart home technology, to make PERS services available to LYN users. Our Member Care Representatives can provide you with product options and pricing, and then guide you throught the brief ADT enrollment process.

What options are available for medication monitoring?

There are a number of solutions in the market today ranging from pill boxes, mobile applications and pill dispensers. We are working on finding the best solution to link to LYN and hope to have it available in the near future. In the meantime, you might consider LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser available on Amazon.

What social services are available through LYN for my loved one?

Use the Ask LYN feature or contact the Member Care Center directly to identify or arrange low cost or free social services for your loved one. Your Member Advocate can assist you and will leverage our knowledge of the eldercare and caregiver resources to identify social services in the vicinity of you or your loved ones’ home.


How are services arranged on LYN paid?

Most services, with a few exceptions, are paid directly by LYN and subsequently billed to the Member’s credit card linked to their LyfLynks account. This way LyfLynks is able to leverage the combined purchasing power of all its members to improve the quality of services and to facilitate fair pricing while helping our members keep track of costs.

Who can authorize charges on my account?

Currently the Member designated as PAYOR, the Primary Caregiver and/or care recipient may order a service for the care recipient and authorize charges to the member account.

How does the authorization of a charge to my account work?

When an authorized Member orders goods or services via LYN, LYN provides them with an estimate of the cost to approve via the mobile application. Our vendors bill LYN directly and LYN pays the vendor after confirmation of satisfactory delivery. LYN then bills the Member's credit card for the actual cost of the service if the final cost does not exceed the approved estimate. The Member is notified of the final amount charged to their credit card and asked to rate the service.

How often will my credit card be billed?

LyfLynks bills the Member's designated credit card daily as expenses are approved and incurred on the account. Your LyfLynks monthly account subscription fee is billed in advance during the last week of each month for the following month's service period.